Memorial for Army Specialist Killed in Apple Valley Shooting


APPLE VALLEY:( On Thursday evening the friends, family and fellow soldiers gathered at the 16200 block of Muni Road in Apple Valley to mourn the shooting death of Army Specialist Daniel Yarbrough. The neighborhood was still, the weather perfect combination of warmth with a nice breeze.  There was a beautiful display of solidarity between soldiers and civilians, both sharing stories about Spc.Yarbrough and how he touched their lives. There were moments of laughing, moments some were crying and many silent moments, some of those paired with looks of disbelief.

The gathering was very thoughtful and would be an honor to just about any family suffering the loss of a loved one. Symbols of his service in the Army National Guard were exemplified  with an Army flag and a US flag flying above the heads of attendees.

The impromptu memorial, that started at 6:00 pm, still at nearly 7:00 pm had cars lining both sides of the street and over 50 individuals in attendance. About half of the attendees were men in their BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniforms). By the crowd and how they spoke of Spc.Yarbrough, family lost a great man and the county lost yet another great soldier.

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