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Measure F passes in Apple Valley

Apple Valley, CA – June 8, 2017: On Tuesday, Apple Valley voters overwhelmingly approved Measure F, which authorizes the Town to issue up to $150 million in revenue bonds for the purchase of the water system if the Town succeeds in its eminent domain case against Liberty Utilities. The bonds would be repaid by water customers and no taxes will be increased. The final vote will be certified in July but unofficial numbers suggest the measure passed by a margin of 57 percent to 43 percent.

Town officials said today they were buoyed by the Measure F vote that demonstrates the citizens of Apple Valley want the Town to purchase the water system from Liberty Utilities.

“I am very encouraged by the margin of support.” Said Mayor Scott Nassif “Apple Valley voters have spoken. They want the Town to purchase the system and stabilize, or lower the cost of water.”

Responding to years of citizens’ complaints about the cost of water, the Town Council first made a fair offer to the utility’s previous owners to purchase the system. That was rejected. Instead, the owners sold to a private company based in Canada that continued to increase rates. Once the purchase offer was rejected, the Town studied the matter and determined that if it owned the system, water rates could be stabilized or possibly lowered. The Town then began the legal process called eminent domain.

“We asked the community if they wanted local control of our water system and they responded with a ‘Yes’ vote by a wide margin. We also heard and understand the concerns of those who voted no,” said Nassif

“This vote is extremely gratifying when you consider that the Town could not advocate for the measure,” said Town Manager Frank Robinson. “Liberty Apple Valley spent more than half a million dollars of the ratepayers’ money in its campaign against Measure F. The people of Apple Valley are smart. They aren’t fooled by misinformation and false campaign promises.”

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