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Mattel Taps Into 90’s Nostalgia With Relaunch Of Polly Pocket

The Original Micro Scale Doll Is Back with a Surprise in Every Compact to Show Girls "Tiny is Mighty"

CALIFORNIA (PRNewswire) — More than 30 years since the launch, Mattel announces the relaunch of Polly Pocket in the original micro-scale and compacts that made her a 90’s phenomenon. The all new product line is accompanied with an animated series to introduce a new generation to the world of Polly to amplify her story for modern fans.

With more than 10 million compacts sold throughout the years, the compact product line nods to the brand’s heritage and surprise factor, but reflects an updated look of the characters and scenes from the content. The series follows Polly and her friends as they embrace big adventures in a shrunken size, thanks to Polly’s magic locket.

Products shown at New York Toy Fair include:

  • Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket Places Assortment
  • Polly Pocket World Assortment
  • Polly Pocket Hidden in Plain Sight Assortment

“Many of today’s parents were the generation that made Polly Pocket a phenomenon and now they can introduce their children to Polly’s world,” said Hailey Sullivan, VP of Marketing, Girls Toy Box Mattel.  “We know that the 90’s is making a resurgence so what better time to bring back the beloved micro-playsets for the next generation.”

The toy launch will be supported with a marketing campaign with Polly inspiring girls to be capable, courageous and tenacious in their own lives, just like her. Polly Pocket product will hit toy shelves this summer.

2018 Polly Pocket Line Revealed at NYTF (PRNewsfoto/Mattel, Inc.)
2018 Polly Pocket Line Revealed at NYTF (PRNewsfoto/Mattel, Inc.)
2018 Polly Pocket Line Revealed at NYTF (PRNewsfoto/Mattel, Inc.)

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