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Man Dies in Rim Forest House Fire

RIM FOREST:( An elderly man and his eight pet birds sadly died in a house fire on Tuesday, December 30, 2014. The 3-story home is a complete loss, with an estimate of over $75,000 in damages.

At approximately 9:40 AM San Bernardino County Firefighters responded to a report of a structure fire with one person possibly trapped at the 1600 block of Hazel Place in Rim Forest. Upon their arrival, the top two floors of the 1,600 square foot, 3-story home, was fully involved in fire.

Photos courtesy of U.S.F.S.
Photos courtesy of U.S.F.S.

According to a press release, Firefighters quickly went into attack mode and tried to make entry into the home; however, were hindered by downed live power lines and the house was starting to collapse. Once firefighters were able to make entry, they found an elderly man deceased near the back door of the first floor.

The house is located on a steep mountainside and the fire caught surrounding vegetation and two large pine trees on fire. Firefighters were instrumental in keeping the fire from spreading to the two adjacent homes. One out building was lost to the fire.

Due to the steep terrain and location of the home, coupled with the narrow windy roads and inclement weather, it took 37 firefighters about two hours to bring the fire under control. San Bernardino County Fire responded with 6 fire engines and 2 ambulances. The U.S. Forest Service sent 1 additional fire engine and 1 patrol. Running Springs Fire Department sent 1 fire engine and CalFire also sent 1 additional engine.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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(source: San Bernardino County Fire Press Release)

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