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Man airlfifted after mojave green rattlesnake bite in Lucerne Valley

LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif. ( — A man bitten by a Mojave Green Rattlesnake was airlifted to a trauma center Wednesday night in grave condition.

It happened at a residence in the 9400 block of Dune Road in Lucerne Valley at 7:11 pm, on July 25, 2018.

Details on what the male was doing at the time of the bite remain unknown, however, the Mojave Green is one of the most venomous varieties of pit vipers in North America.

“This area of the county is remote and many miles from any hospital. County Fire Helicopter 325 based in on the high desert was used to transport the victim to a higher level of care and In this case Loma Linda University Medical Center,” San Bernardino County Fire Captain Jeff Allen.

“As temperatures are on the increase it is important to remember rattlesnakes are also more active.  Be alert, check your surroundings. Wear appropriate footwear and clothing, and never disturb or touch a rattlesnake,” stated Allen.

In the event of a bite:

  • Remain calm, and move away from the snake.
  • Immediately call 9-1-1 or send someone for help and safely transport the snake bite victim to the nearest emergency medical facility for treatment.
  • Remove wristwatches, rings or anything constrictive.
  • Gently wash the area with soap and water. Keep the bite at or below heart level.
  • Try to remember what the snake looked like (but do not attempt to kill or catch it!)

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