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Male Killed in Oro Grande Accident Identified as Ronald Henyard

ORO GRANDE:( The Facebook page of a local resident was flooded with messages from family and friends mourning the loss of the young adult male.

(photo courtesy San Bernardino County Fire)
(photo courtesy San Bernardino County Fire)

Late Monday night, on January 26th, Ronald Henyard, a 27-year-old male of Apple Valley, was driving a compact Honda Civic when for unknown reasons his vehicle veered off the roadway, then back into oncoming traffic eventually colliding into a Ford F-150.

Ronald Henyard, his wife Rochelle Henyard and their 8-year-old son all required extrication from the wrecked vehicle.

Ronald was pronounced deceased at the scene while his wife and child were transported by ground ambulance to an out of area trauma center.

First responders attempted to utilize an airship to transport the patients. Unfortunately, transportation via air ambulance was not available due to weather conditions.

The unidentified male driver of the pickup truck declined medical treatment at the scene.

“I was at the accident last night… I held the womans hand till paramedics got their, my sister-in-law (Tricia DuBord-Wiley) held the boy’s [hand]. Their was nothing we could have done for the male. The other driver was ok, [but] shooken up a bit. I’m just so glad I was still awake when we heard the big boom and was able to be there for that family of 3 now 2,” commented Megan Conley Race via

According to a friend of the family Rochelle Henyard remained in a coma as of late Tuesday. The condition of the 8-year-old boy was unknown.

Ronald was the founder of a Facebook page he called “T.O.A.S.T.E.D Lifestyle”  which stood for “Toastin’ On Always Staying True Everyday,” where he shared posts of inspirations to his readers known as his “Facts of the day.”

“Reading this now gives me the chills. Ronald was so wise and amazing. He will never be forgotten,” stated Amanda White as she recalls a post written by Henyard back in 2012…

Good Morning Friends & Family! Thank God for allowing you to open your eyes on this beautiful morning, because He called some people home during the middle of the night! For whatever the reason was, just know this, it was for a good reason! No matter how, why, or when someone dies it serves a purpose & He has perfect timing, plus He’s always 100% right!! Always!! Death is the only thing that were all promised when we are born, & I know a lot of people are afraid of death & are afraid to die. Know this, you don’t have to be & you don”t need to be! Also, a lot of people have a hard time dealing with someone close to them passing away, its okay & its gonna be okay! Grieve but don’t suffer! Maybe to you it wasn’t that person’s time to go but to God it was. No one has the power to stop it from happening but God! So with that being said; live each day knowing that one day, whenever God decides to call you home that your gonna have to answer to Him! Just think about it, You & God having a conversation about your life; from birth till death, the good things that you did while you were here on earth & the bad things too! Don’t forget what & Who is behind Him! Those Heavenly Gates & all your people who made it; & Jesus Christ of course!! We all do bad things & we’ve all made mistakes, but the thing about that is, did you learn from those mistakes? Are you still making those same mistakes? Are you still doing bad things? Or are you doing the right thing? We all know right from wrong, & if you have to ask yourself if what your doing or what your about to do is the right thing or wrong thing, then it’s not the right thing to be doing! So why not do the right thing? What goes around comes around! Everyone knows that but I don’t understand how or why some people love to make other people mad, see them hurt, make them suffer, or just be evil or rude to them for no reason! It may seem like good things happen to them; good things happen to bad people, & bad things happen to good people! True, but I don’t get it!! I do understand this tho, good things do happen to good people & I can honestly say since I’ve changed myself as a better person I have seen it a lot more!! Everyday actually! It’s rare that something bad happens to me & I know its because of who I am as a person! I’m not perfect either but I try every day to be, & because of that I am very Blessed & that’s on a daily bases! People who are around me see it but some of those same people ask me why is my life the way it is;a healthy 24 year old living with sickle cell, {25 on the 16th} amazing relationship & happily married for 6 years going on 7 in July to my high school sweetheart, beautiful healthy 5 & a half year old son who was born premature 2 months early at 3lbs & 3oz with no problems what so ever, loving family; brothers & sisters, Mom & Dad like no other, Step Mom & Biological Father & my amazing friends; close ones & the ones I see on the street & we stop & catch up, even if it’s for a couple of seconds!! I treat everyone who crosses my path with respect & love. I go out of my way to help people & sometimes it may seem like it comes back to haunt me but I know in my heart that I did something nice! I make a point to not be rude to people, to be the bigger person in every negative situation I’m in, not because I’m scared or a punk but because I know that fighting or arguing isn’t gonna get anywhere! Plus have a lot to live for! I am the person I am for me, not to look cool or to impress people but because I know its the right thing to do! We all have a purpose & a calling on our life & I found mines! Plus I also know this, judgement day will come for everyone someday, & we all have the option right now to have our name written in the Book Of Life! Simply by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Savior & believing in your heart that He died for you!! I’m not trying get “religious” on anyone; even tho I am a Christian! I just want to see all of my people when the Lord calls me home! I would hate to be standing on the inside of those Gates & watch my people to get thrown into the Lake Of Fire! To each is own; I’m not forcing anyone to do anything, I’m just saying what I believe in, what God is putting in my heart to say on this T.O.A.S.T.E.D LIFESTYLE FACT FOR THE DAY & giving my opinion! Do the right thing people! Don’t go through life continuing to make the same mistakes that you know are mistakes, do something nice a couple of times a day, He see’s everything, & of course continue livin the T.O.A.S.T.E.D LIFESTYLE!{Toastin On Always Stayin True Every Day} Its the right thing to do! Stay true to yourself & stay true to everyone around you!! LIFE”

The crash is currently being investigated by the Victorville CHP office.

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