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Major Accident on NB-15 Freeway

MapsVVN Traffic Alert: NB-15

Multiple vehicles are involved in a major accident that occurred on the center lanes of the NB-15 freeway just north of hwy-138 in the Cajon pass, the accident was reported shortly after 11pm.  Per reports at least 3 vehicles and a semi with no trailer are involved in the collision.

“It looks like the semi had to stop to avoid an SUV (in the #2 lane) and the three cars behind him were too close to stop in time. One car is severely damaged. So terrible! Be careful for major slowing just passed the 138 northbound! Prayers going out!, described VVNG member Caroline Manhal.

Per CHP logs, debris is scattered across all lanes of the 15-freeway. Additional ambulances have been requested to transport multiple patients. An airship has also been requested to transport at least one patient with serious injuries. The landing zone will be on the 15 freeway near the accident.

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