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Mail Theft Prompts Victorville Post Office to Remove Current Outdoor Postal Boxes

VICTORVILLE-( Dropping off mail has just become even less convenient if you use the post office drive through mailboxes located at 16333 Green Tree Boulevard in Victorville.

Victorville residents can thank the brazen thieves who have stolen mail from these boxes numerous times in the recent past.

Although mail theft is a federal offense, with those committing the crime facing up to five years in federal prison and up to $250,000 in fines, the post office on Green Tree Boulevard in Victorville said that they have not been able to find a way to keep thieves from stealing mail from the outdoor mailboxes.

The recent theft, that is not only targeting Victor Valley mailboxes, but is a problem in many other cities, and even states where these mailboxes are placed.

This type of theft has caused postal officials to be forced to remove the current boxes, to install new boxes that are theft resistant with additional security features. Those that use the drive through drop off will have to drop off inside the post office until the new boxes are placed.

Regardless of the boxes placed or the additional security features they have, there will be no resolve until those responsible are caught. In order to catch those responsible for these thefts postal officials are asking residents to report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Department.

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