LOST AND FOUND PETS of the Victor Valley

(VVNG.com)- In an effort to better assist you, organize and be successful as possible. We have designated a place specifically for all of the Lost and Found pets of the Victor Valley.

Many new post are made every single hour through out various groups. At times it can be a little frustrating when trying to find a specific post. Either because the post is lost or buried in the group news feed.

If you have Lost or Found a pet, simply comment on this post with a picture and detailed description (including location, breed, sex, etc.) and it will be readily accessible at any time. If you need any help or assistance, just ask.

If you can reunite and help with one of the comments in the post, please contact that person directly so it doesn’t cloud the post with comments that will confuse everyone.

This is a great solution to help keep the many post made in one single place. These fur pets need our help! Thank you for understanding.

Additionally we have a group designated just for pets. Here is the link to join www.facebook.com/groups/victorvalleypets

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