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Local Options for Youth Students Rewarded with Scholarships

( – During this month of May many Victor Valley students are graduating from high school, so many families are excited to see their children accomplish this very important step towards their future. Several families of Options for Youth students are even more ecstatic to find that their children will be receiving a $18,000 scholarship! Two local students, Sierra Wiggins-Dye, along with her girlfriend, Gregoria “Glory” Diaz, also an Options for Youth graduate, have received $18,000 scholarship to go toward their education at Cal State San Marcos. Gregoria, will be attending to become a Marriage and Family Counselor and Sierra is excited to get started on her goal to become a Pediatrician.

Sierra is proud to have been taught by teacher, Suzie Manley for all four years of high school. Suzie was not only a dedicated teacher to Sierra but is also her sister as well as the person who helped deliver her during her home birth 18 years ago. Sierra and Suzie’s older sister Sheri said it best when she said, “My sister Suzie actually helped bring her into this world, and now she’s helping send her off.” When speaking with big sister, Sheri it is apparent how excited the family is for young Sierra being rewarded with this scholarship..

These Options for Youth students had been attending CREW, College Readiness Experience the World meetings, there they researched colleges, applied to colleges they were interested in attending and learned how to apply for financial aid. Pathways In Education offered these scholarships hoping to help graduates they felt needed the financial help in order to continue their education. Pathways In Education is a non-profit organization serving at risk youth. Their mission statement reads, “Pathways in Education is committed to identifying and developing innovative solutions that empower underserved at-risk students to discover their passions and achieve their dreams through education.”

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