Local Horse Rescue Needs Rescuing by the Community They Serve

PHELAN-(VVNG.com): Mea Ola’s Place is a non-profit horse rescue in Phelan, that rescues abused and neglected horses. These horses are provided medical care, love, affection and the training that enables them to provide therapy to at-risk youth, military service members, physical and sexual abuse survivors, senior citizens and many others. 

The vast majority of the rescued horses, some that were once thought to be permanently disabled, thrive with the assistance of the Mea Ola’s Place staff and volunteers. These horses through their own rehabilitation are used to help provide therapy for foster children, trauma victims, those battling substance abuse, and those with special needs. This gives the horse additional love and affection from the youth they are inadvertently helping in return.

Recently, the directors of Mea Ola’s Place got some disheartening news. The location that they are currently located at, is now for sale despite what they say that owners of the ranch told them for three years. Mea Ola’s Place founders were led to believe that they would have the opportunity to purchase the leased property with the owners carrying the note. On October 15, 2015 they were made aware that the property was listed for sale with a broker.

A new location has been located, and the founder, Lalainia “Ann” Kline said it is the perfect place to relocation. For now, the funds are needed in order secure the owner carry purchase of the ranch. A large down payment is required to make this location the new and permanent home for Mea Ola’s Place. Lalainia “Ann” Kline, the Founder and President said in a statement,As the property of a non-profit organization, this new ranch could only be sold to another non-profit organization in the future.”

According to Kline, the ranch that they are currently at would need to be vacated, moving everything including about twenty horses to the new location by February 1, 2016. “No amount is too small. We also have our pay pal donations from the website to add here, and the donations from our “on foot” campaign, as well as checks that come in. Please do not be discouraged to give a small amount if you can.”  If you would like to help save Mea Ola’s Place, they are asking for any donations on their “Give Send Go” Donation account or on their website through their paypal account.

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