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Local Firefighter Seeks Prayer For Twin Daughter In Critical Condition



APPLE VALLEY, CALIF. ( San Bernardino County Firefighter Jared Newcomer and his wife Kelly, both residents of Apple Valley, recently had their lives turned upside down when their twin girls were born prematurely.

Both girls are being treated at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana, however, one of the twins, Charlotte Rae, is in very critical condition.

A life-saving, major emergency surgery was performed, and as a result, 60% of her bowel was removed due to a massive and extremely rapidly spreading infection.

She is still in very real danger and the Newcomers are asking for prayers in this emotional and painful situation. “We know she is a fighter but we are terrified this is too much for any baby to handle,” writes Jared. “Kelly and I are asking for prayers for a miracle from anyone who believes.”

As the devastated family prays for a miracle to change things around, they are urging others to pray with them as well.

“Please, please, if you believe, lift our baby girl in prayer and ask for a miracle. Every time we turn around there is another setback and all we want is to be a family,” Jared declared,  “we are lost, broken, just indescribably crushed. But we know miracles happen, we know the power of prayer works, and we know people can beat seemingly impossible odds.”

Father, Jared Newcomer, holds the hand of his precious baby girl.

Father, Jared Newcomer, holds the hand of his precious baby girl.

They were told by doctors that the next 48-72 hours will be the most critical and that there was a very real danger imposed on Charlotte Rae’s life.

“As you can imagine Kelly and I are in the deepest, darkest despair imaginable. There is literally not a word to describe our fear and emotional pain for our beautiful, sweet little girl.”

Jared wrote that his family received incredible support since their hard journey began over one month ago.

“We have felt incredible support since this all started 39 days ago and could not have done it without all of you,” wrote Jared, who has humbly served the citizens of San Bernardino County as a public servant for nearly 13 years.

The Fire Family Foundation established the Newcomer Family Fund to help support with medical costs not covered by insurance, as well as ancillary expenses the family will encounter during these critical times.

If you are in a position to donate, you may do so by clicking the following link: Newcomer Family Fund.

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