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Local Entrepreneur Competes on Wes Bergmann’s Live in Docuseries “The Blox” 

HESPERIA, Calif. ( — AJ Buonarigo CEO and Founder of Ultimate Fitness Club, 24 hour fitness centers in Hesperia and Oak Hills, competed on the world’s largest live-in Entrepreneurship show on the planet with Reality TV Star Wes Bergmann hosting! 

Ultimate Fitness has a mission to end the false information being spread in the fitness industry, aka “Bro-Science”, and to battle the obesity epidemic going on not only in the High Desert but across the nation. 

With AJ competing in this national docuseries it helped not only bring a positive light to his mission with Ultimate Fitness but for the High Desert as a whole. AJ was raised in the High Desert and graduated from Hesperia High School in 2009, prior to joining the United States Army where he served as a combat medic. 

(During his time in the Army he received his first Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, and has successfully earned a second Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, as well as a Masters in Business Administration, currently working towards completing his Doctorate in Business Administration.)

Upon returning from his deployment to Afghanistan AJ was medically retired from the Army for injuries sustained in battle. He came back to his hometown to pursue his goal of opening Fitness Centers that focus on proper business morals and ethics while fighting the plague of misinformation and greed in the fitness industry.

He got the opportunity to display his business expertise in a competitive environment on not only Season 4 of “The Blox” but season 6 as well becoming one of the first returning cast members of the show! 

AJ states “The Blox is what is known as a business incubator, which basically is a program designed towards eliminating trial and error in your business to accelerate growth. Not only was this a rewarding experience to share with my fellow cast members, the knowledge and connections were priceless!  Anyone who has any business interests, or wants to open a business one day should definitely check the show out because it is loaded with applicable information from people who are actively pursuing entrepreneurship!  It may sound dry but I promise you with Wes at the helm we definitely had the reality TV aspect in there as well!”

(The Blox Season 4 is currently being aired on the free app “The Blox” and on Beta Blox facebook page!)

When asked why he does so many different pursuits AJ responded,

“We don’t live in a world where you can make change by doing what everyone else does, so if you want to make a change you need to grab people’s attention and lead from the front.  I want to be the reason people actually believe they can pursue their goals whether that be fitness, business, school, or any other skill I may have to offer.  I am just a regular guy, who wanted to break free of the constraints of living on the hamster wheel making other people more successful and I believe there are a lot of other people like me, afraid to take that leap.  That’s why I went on the show, that’s why I do a majority of what I do is to show people what an average person can achieve!”

AJ wants to see a change in the High Desert and see it reach its full potential. He believes that those who watch the show may begin to want the same things or at least be inspired to take the first step.    


(On top of his two fitness centers, AJ has a podcast called “The Breaking Point Show” and does property management for short term rentals on top of being a full-time student and father.)

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