Letters For Jayson Brown

HESPERIA: Meet Jayson Brown, a young boy who lives here locally in our community. For the past couple of years Jayson has fought a long battle with a rare cancer called Neuroblastoma. Jayson continues to fight as we speak, but sadly the Dr’s have sent him home to live the remainder of his life at home with his family.

Photo: Jayson holding a hand carved wooden cross. A gift from Sergio Marsala.
Photo: Jayson holding a hand carved wooden cross. A gift from Sergio Marsala.

My name is Hugo Valdez, and I am the online coordinator for Victor Valley News. I have followed his story for some time and become online friends with his mom Christina Brown. Jaysons life has inspired me in my own life in countless ways. The courage he demonstrates  speaks loud & clear and no matter what he endures his smile shines through. It truly breaks my heart knowing what he is living daily and I wish there was more we could do for him.

Jaysons mom Christina, is a member of VVNG, and I absolutely admire her strength, courage, and compassion shown. I am forevere grateful that she has openly shared Jaysons journey with the world. Christina has informed me that Jayson truly enjoys reading letters sent to him. With her consent she has granted us VVNG members approval to send Jayson cards or letters via US Postal Mail. It would make my day knowing that we can help Jayson smile & to be happier. So VVNG please take a moment to write a letter for Jayson and let him know how special he is. Thank you for helping me make this happen for Jayson.

For those wishing to send mail please send to:
Jayson Brown
Victor Valley News
PO Box 2160 Victorville Ca 92393.

Please read the article so you may better understand what Jayson has been through

Moms Club of Victor Valley is hosting an all you can eat Pancake Breakfast to raise funds for Jayson. It’s $10, kids under 5 are free.


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