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Last chance to win 600 MILLION!


Tonights drawing may possibly be the biggest Powerball to date! Somebody is bound to win, and you can’t win if Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 4.59.42 PMyou don’t try!

This is the first time California has the chance to participate in, what may be, the biggest Powerball, currently at 600 MILLION, and expected to rise over the next hour. In order to win the jackpot, you have to successfully match 6 numbers to the numbers that will be drawn later tonight! However, even if you don’t win the millions, you can see some cash by just matching the winning Powerball number.

If tonights Powerball drawing yields no winner, all records will be shattered as the jackpot for Wednesday’s drawing would go to $925 million.

As the Ca Lottery websites states “When you believe, the world opens up before you. The impossible is flipped on its head, and dreams become a reality. So believe. Believe that today could be your lucky day. Believe in something bigger.”

So believe! If you haven’t bought your ticket(s), now is your chance!


*Photo was taken at the M&D Market, where a previous Multi-Millionaire was made a fews years back. Where did you buy your ticket?

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