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Restoring hope in ill children ‘KK’s’ Love

“Hi my name is Keriann. I am 16 years old and live in the High Desert. I am sick, and have been in and out of the hospital over the past year and a half. I’ve had 3 surgeries, 1 because of being sick, and the other two was foot and ACL corrections on both feet. I am a big medical mystery in a lot of ways and I also have amplified musculoskelatal pain syndrome.


Im on home hospital schooling and I literally did not think I had a purpose and didn’t know why God was giving me trials that I couldn’t take but about 2 months ago, I found my purpose. I was sitting at home in pain and I realized just how many kids out there are sick just like me. (32 million kid are hospitalized from chronic illness every year).

I found my hope in God, and I found peace in knowing he was in control. not everyone has that peace or hope so I wanted to spread hope to kids all over the US and all the sick kids in the HD by sending care packages to them which includes a homemade blanket made by me, toys, clothes that are comfy, slippers, and more.

I want to invite you all to come out to my birthday party on May 18th at Civic Center park in Apple Valley from 12-5 p.m. At my party I am asking everyone who can to bring a contribution to the care packages 🙂


I chose my birthday party to do this because it is what truly makes me happy. Helping others and helping these kids, is one of the only times I do not worry about the pain, and I realize how much God has blessed my life.. ♥ what better way then to do it on the day God gave my this wonderful life?:)

Items I need donated would include, but not excluded to:

-fleece to make blankets (kids colors and patterns, 1.5 yards for each side of the blanket)
-stuffed animals (must be new because these kids are sick and can’t have used items)
-dollar store toys (or dollar section in target)
-kids slippers
-coloring books

I will also have a donation jar out. Do not feel pressured if you can not afford to do so. But, I will be collecting donations. I need to raise 750$ by the end of June to get all the legal stuff done to start a non profit ! The non profit will give me so many more options 🙂

There will be lunch provided and dessert (trying to find people to help with food) and itll be fun. I will have craft tables set up to make cards for the packages, there will be a waterballoon fight, other games and fun! *this is family friendly!!* my fb page is
KK’s love – a sick kid helping sick kids have hope here you can look at pictures of the kids who got care packages, see what I put in them, and see the pictures of this kids holding their packages!”


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