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Kaiser Contacted About Potential Interest in Victorville Target Building

VICTORVILLE-( After becoming aware of the Victorville Target store closing, residents have wondered and even speculated what will become of the store following the January 30th closing. Many fear that the building will be left empty and end up being vandalized or just another empty space like the old Victorville Wal-Mart on Bear Valley Road near Balsam Avenue. When a major store in a shopping center closes, the lure to get people to other smaller businesses in the center is often gone causing hardships or even additional store closures.

Speculation of Kaiser potentially becoming the new tenant of this large building had residents buzzing on Friday. The Kaiser Medical office building is headquartered in the 14000 block of Park Avenue, about 1 block away from the current Target location.

Kaiser officials, in a statement said, they were contacted very recently about the potential interest in the soon to be vacant location and they have no information to share. Jennifer Resch-Silvestri, Senior Director Public Affairs said, “We are aware of the need for mental health services across the High Desert, and are exploring our options for the ongoing need and provision of those services.”

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