K9 Bloodhound Sniffs Out Suspect

Image: Google Maps (Rite Aid on Baseline)

RANCHO CUCAMONGA: An 18-year old transient Victor Huerta walked into the Rite Aid store located on the 9600 Block of Baseline road in Rancho Cucamonga on Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 7:34 p.m., and begin selecting various merchandise.

According to a news release, a store employee watched Huerta conceal the merchandise in his waistband and the employee confronted Huerta. Huerta told the employee he was armed with a handgun. The employee backed away at which time Huerta charged the employee and struck him. The two began to struggle and the merchandise fell from Huerta’s pants.

Huerta fled the scene of the crime. During the struggle, a hat Huerta was wearing fell to the ground and was left behind.

Deputy Ryan Girard and his K9 Bloodhound partner “Dare,” responded to the scene. Using the hat as a scent article, Girard used Dare to track the scent. They tracked the scent east from the store to a nearby business complex. The scent continued into an apartment complex near the business complex.

Dare successfully tracked Huerta to the apartment complex where he was located and taken into custody. Because force was used by Huerta during the theft he was booked into West Valley Detention Center for Strong Arm Robbery.


Source: SB Sheriff’s news release

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