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K-9 Raider Sworn in Wednesday to Protect and Serve



K-9 Raider raised his right paw to take an oath to protect and serve Wednesday.

VICTORVILLE-(  The Victorville Police Department has a new K9, named Raider who was just sworn in on Wednesday to serve and protect the Victor Valley. Raider was trained in tracking and trailing San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials said.

Both him and his handler, Deputy Antonio Higuera will along with Ellie and her handler help locate missing person’s and suspects.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department officials posted on a Facebook page post,  “Deputy Higuera and K9 Raider completed training that consisted of running trails in both rural and urban areas. Together they will be essential to the safety and security of the city of Victorville.”

K-9 Raider, was born less than a year ago on February 16, 2015, and began training at only 8 weeks of age. Raider had his own Facebook page, where there are photos of his journey to where he is today, a sworn in K-9 for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.


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