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Introducing Victor Valley News, Inc.

A message from Victor Valley News, inc. CEO & Founder Hugo Valdez: VVNG members it’s my pleasure to make such an exciting announcement to all of you.

As you know, I’ve spent the past 2 1/2 years monitoring this Facebook group day in and day out. We have been through so much as a community and have experienced news through a whole new perspective. But it really is so much more than just news.

It’s also about pets being reunited, people paying it forward, strangers helping strangers, and figuring out why the helicopter is flying low (ok jk about that) but in a short amount of time we have seen our community grow and come together like never before. It’s all been possible with the help of YOU the community.

On December 27, 2013 Victor Valley News officially incorporated with the state as Victor Valley News, inc.

Additionally we have trademarked the brand “Victor Valley News Group” and are truly looking forward to the day we will get into our own building and are able to offer jobs to some of our members within our community.

This year our plans include a local publication that will recap a week’s worth of VVNG news & events. A VVNG VIP Card that will give back and allow local businesses to participate and interact with our community via special deals and promotions. Also we are hoping to put together some VVNG events in hopes of getting to meet our awesome community face to face.

When I created the group I was looking for a way to communicate with friends and family in our area. We started with just 2 members Gabriel Espinoza & myself. Word quickly spread about the group and here we are today just a couple hundred shy of reaching 27,000 members.

In the process we got lucky and purchased the website (short for Victor Valley News Group) and the website domain name couldn’t have been any more perfect! In just 6 months the website has grown in popularity and according to our global ranking in the US is under 100,000 and that is HUGE news for us.

We never anticipated any of this and word’s cannot explain how excited we are about the future.

From the bottom of my heart I wish to say THANK YOU for being part of the largest social media movement to ever happen to the Victor Valley.

Hugo Valdez
CEO & Founder of Victor Valley News, inc.

Gabriel Espinoza

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