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Instant Loss For Hesperia High School Football Team After Vandalism

schoolHESPERIA-( Both parents and students from Hesperia Unified School District questioned signage stating that the Friday, November 6th Football game between Oak Hills High School and Hesperia High School was cancelled.

Hesperia Unified School District in a statement said that Hesperia High School forfeit the game, due to a number of Hesperia High School football players being both directly and indirectly involved in a Thursday night incident of vandalism at Oak Hills High School.

The forfeiture was due to disciplinary action by Hesperia High School.

The statement read, “While we deeply regret the impact this has on our community, the Hesperia High School administration and coaching staff understand the importance of maintaining its high standards for ethical conduct; therefore, there will be no football game at Oak Hills High School tonight.”

Several parents said that students came home telling them that the field and the bleachers were left with trash, syrup, flour and feces. According to multiple sources, players also spray painted an expletive on the field, egged the stadium press box and left a Hesperia flag in the middle of all the destruction. School custodians as well as additional off-duty custodians and other school employees from Oak Hills High School cleaned the mess left the night before by the vandals.

Parents and players were additionally upset because this game was supposed to be Senior Recognition Night. “All kinds of seniors are hurt crying and upset. All band seniors who made it to the Rose parade are very sad. Because their families came out for the recognition night”, stated a parent who wished to remain anonymous.

“Sad to see your children work so hard,waking up early pushing themselves a little harder and farther every day, practicing some days until the sun is down and dinner is in the microwave, dragging through the door to do all the next day to reach this day the day to get noticed. The day of acknowledgment and the day it all is worth their hard work. When their body’s blood sweat and tears of some make them who they are and (for) some dictate where they will go and it’s taken away over what some are saying on here is a joke.”

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