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Inmates File Lawsuit Against Deputies For Mistreatment

( On Wednesday March 5th, members of the command staff received information regarding possible misconduct by department personnel at West Valley Detention Center and immediately launched an investigation. The following day the department realized that the FBI had a similar investigation they were working on so the began fully cooperating with that investigation to ensure that the investigation is thorough and complete.

Over 6 months into the investigation ordered by Sheriff John McMahon, regarding the mistreatment of West Valley Detention Center inmates four deputies were placed on paid administrative on October 20th and October 21st.  Prior to that, of April 8, 2014, three deputies assigned to the West Valley Detention Center are no longer employed by the Sheriff’s Department.

“I will not tolerate any misconduct by department personnel,” San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said. “These allegations are being taken very seriously and this department is determined to get answers.”

On May 7th, six inmates filed a lawsuit totaling $630 million, accusing deputies of torturing them by sodomizing them, using electric shockers on their genitals, holding shotguns to their heads and depriving them of sleep. The inmates claim their mental and physical injuries required treatment. Named on the case are Sheriff, John McMahon, jail commander, Jeff Rose as well as deputies and other prison employees.  Deputies named on the lawsuit include: Teychea, Copas, Escomilla, Cruz, Morris, Snell and Strifler.

At this time, the investigation is looking into possible crimes committed against these inmates where criminal charges should be filed. At this time, no charges have been filed against any of the accused deputies. The investigation is ongoing, and no further information can be released at this time.

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