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Injured Hiker Rescued in Big Bear

BIG BEAR – ( The Sheriff’s Aviation and SB County Fire rescued a 23-year-old hiker executed a hoist rescue to reach an injured hiker near the Big Bear Mountain Ski Resort on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at approximately 2:55p.m.

According to authorities, the hiker had suffered a non-life threatening injury while hiking in the mountain area of the resort.

San Bernardino Sheriff’s helicopter AR306, with a crew of Pilot Deputy Jim Landry, Crew Chief Deputy Mike Ells, San Bernardino County Fire Fighters Captain Steve Simpson, and Paramedic Eric Sherwin; were dispatched to assist Big Bear Fire in locating an injured hiker in the Bear Mountain Ski Resort area.

AR306 located the injured hiker east of the resort in the mountains at about the 8200ft level.

The victim was in wooded area with steep terrain, which was surrounded by 80ft trees. Due to the nature of his injuries, and the terrain, the crew determined a hoist rescue of the victim was necessary. Sherwin was lowered about 100ft to the victim using the rescue hoist on the helicopter. Sherwin placed the hiker in a rescue harness, and Ells hoisted the victim, followed by Sherwin, into the helicopter.

The victim identified as Dillion Holman, a resident of Big Bear received treatment and stabilization of his injuries during the short flight to the landing zone located in the parking lot of the Bear Mountain Ski Resort. Care of the victim was transferred to Big Bear Fire Department for transport to Bear Valley Community Hospital.

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