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Injured Hiker Rescued From Deep Creek Hot Springs Area

DEEP CREEK:( A 48-year-old woman from Corona was rescued after injuring herself while hiking on Wednesday, May 25th.

At approximately 6:45 PM, Sheriff’s Dispatch received a request from San Bernardino County Fire to assist with locating an injured hiker in the Deep Creek Hot Springs area.

The victim, Joyce Warter, was attempting to hike down to the hot springs when she fell and sustained a non-life threatening injury.

The Sheriff’s desert helicopter, 40 King 3, responded to the area, located Warter on the trail and determined a hoist rescue would be required.

Corporal Jon Anderson piloted the helicopter while Deputy Carlos Quezada lowered Corporal Mike Ells 60 feet down to the victim. Warter was placed in a Screamer Suit rescue harness and hoisted up to the helicopter.

Warter was subsequently transported a short distance and transferred to fire and medical personnel.

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