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Increase In Panhandlers?

By:Dejá Joy via VVNG

Does anyone notice that there is increased issues with panhandling in Victorville and Apple Valley especially near Jess Ranch Marketplace and Victor Valley Town Center?

I live in Apple Valley for more than ten years and never had an issue with panhandling until recently.

Every time I go there, someone would just approach me and beg for money. Some of them wouldn’t leave me alone are aggressive about it. I often ignore them but they would just continue following me and yelling at me. One time, a black guy wouldn’t let me get into my truck. I felt distress and a bunch of people walked by but didn’t do anything about it.

Last Monday, four white guys begged me for money. I told them no and I also said that I don’t have cash with me. One of them actually was demanding me to go to ATM and give them some cash.

I no longer feel safe to shop or walk alone at the shopping centers.

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