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Illegal Marijuana Dispensary Shut Down in Adelanto Strip Mall

ADELANTO-(Staff Reports) In what may sound like a movie script—a couple of law enforcement activities coincidentally converged in Adelanto on Thursday that led to the shutdown of an illegal marijuana dispensary.

“It just goes to show that whether planned or luck, we’re going to do our part to stop unauthorized business in our city,” said Steve Peltier, Community Safety Manager which also oversees Code Enforcement.

Acting on a tip from a confidential informant that illegal activities were occurring at a business in the Cactus Commercial Center, Code Enforcement Officers set-up surveillance and determined probable cause was occurring and obtained a search warrant. Officers had planned to execute the warrant next week.

In a twist of irony, after Code Enforcement had departed the area, Adelanto Sheriff’s Department received a burglary call at the same commercial center—in a different suite. When the responding deputy arrived, discovering no burglary in process, he noticed a subject looking out the back door of the suite Code Enforcement had been watching (unbeknownst to the deputy) and once eye contact was made, the subject quickly left.

Sensing that something was wrong, the deputy went to the front of the building, only to discover two male adults abruptly leaving in a vehicle and the business, operating as a cell phone repair and accessories business, locked down.

Code Enforcement personnel, deciding to execute its search warrant, along with Sheriff’s personnel forced entry into the building and as Peltier describes, “the smell of marijuana permeated the entire building.” Peltier says that the rear of the building included display cases with various marijuana samples and other paraphernalia, confirming that the site also doubled as a cell phone business and dispensary.

The investigation is continuing as to who rented the site and if the cell phone business was legally approved by the city of Adelanto.

Upon learning of the bust, Mayor Rich Kerr stated that “this should send a message to anyone operating a business illegally in our city…and that we’ll actively go after those who illegally grow or distribute marijuana in Adelanto!”

For more information about marijuana dispensary shut-down contact Stephen Peltier at (760) 246-2300 or email at: .

(source: City of Adelanto press release)

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