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HOPE Program – Assist Disabled Couple into Housing

HIGHLAND:( On June 12, 2014, a deputy from the Highland Police Department contacted deputies from the Homeless Outreach Proactive Enforcement Team (HOPE) to advise them that he had recently met a disabled couple that he believed to be homeless. Deputies from the HOPE Team responded to the location and made contact with the couple.

They shared with the deputies that they recently became homeless after loosing their home. They would stay in motels for the first few weeks of the month, until their money ran out than were forced to live on the street. The couple both suffer from disabilities and deputies immediately contacted personnel from the Department of Behavioral Health in efforts to assist them.

The couple was transported to a shelter were they were connected with persons from low income housing and persons that could also help them with needed medical treatment.

The deputies of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Homeless Outreach and Proactive Enforcement Team are dedicated to assisting homeless individuals with connecting them to the appropriate service providers who can help them access resources that are available to them.

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source: San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Press Release

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