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Home Destroyed by Fire in Trona

Photo: SBC Fire Dept. news release
Photo: SBC Fire Dept. news release

On November 13, 2013 at about 1pm., Fire Companies from the San Bernardino County Fire Department in Trona and Searles Valley with aid from the Naval Weapons Station at China Lake extinguished a structure fire in Trona.

The fire spread from a vehicle in an attached carport to the 950 square foot 3 bedroom / 2 bath home located on the 8300 block of Trona rd. The vehicle caught fire while being repaired. The fire completely destroyed the home containing many valuable antiques.

When the first engine arrived an offensive attack was planned, but live power lines blocked safe access to the home. This circumstance made protecting the neighboring structure from harm the highest priority. It took 18 firefighters 2 hours to completely extinguish and overhaul this fire. No occupants or firefighters were injured.

A friendly reminder from the fire department:

While performing vehicle repairs remember to keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Repairs to the fuel system, sparks from body work, and especially welding can create small fires that can spread to a structure and/or destroy the vehicle. Fire safety should be part of preparation for any automotive repairs. 

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