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Holiday Safety Reminders From the San Bernardino County Sherrif’s Office

VICTORVILLE-( The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department would like to remind residents of some safety measures to be mindful of. These tips can help prevent residents from being a victim of common holiday season crimes.

The Sheriff’s officials remind drivers to never leave your vehicle in the driveway to warm up while getting ready for work or in front of the store while running in a store to get some coffee. Do not leave your vehicle unlocked, especially with keys inside. This gives auto thieves a chance to easily drive your vehicle away and will leave you at least temporarily, without your vehicle.

Also drivers are reminded to never leave your child inside a running vehicle to run inside your home, a store or a gas station. Take the time to get your child out of the car, the momentary and slight inconvenience can prevent your child from being accidentally kidnapped by a car thief.

Never leave your purse inside a shopping cart or vehicle seat unattended, even to load your bags in your vehicle. Do not leave shopping bags or personal items, such as purses, wallets, laptops, or cell phones in your vehicle in plain view. Some thieves are waiting for the brief moment when these items are not attended. Secure these items in a trunk or out of sight.

For your home, do not leave curtains or blinds open where your Christmas presents can be seen. Always leave exterior lights on at your home for a better visual of your residential surroundings and to deter unwanted persons. Always be aware of your surroundings while walking to and from your vehicle carrying your belongings close to your body. Even while at your residence, beware of those waiting for the moment when you are unprepared.< Avoid parking next to vans or SUV’s when you are alone, and do not allow yourself to be distracted by cell phones while walking to and from your vehicle. Keep your car keys in your hand ready before leaving a store so you will not have to set down your bags at your vehicle to look for them. Sheriff’s officials said, “Check your bank/credit card statement frequently for accuracy and any signs of identity theft. Remember to think about your safety when you make decisions about parking, walking and talking to people. Have a safe and happy holiday season.”

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