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Hoist Rescue Performed to Rescue Church Group

FOREST FALLS-( Dispatch received a call on Monday, May 25th reporting that three individuals were injured in the Big Falls area of Forest Falls. The victims, 44-year-old Darrin Giselbach, of Rialto and 34-year-old Joslyn Johnson, of Fontana and one other victim were on a hike with their church group when they were crossing the falls and fell approximately 30 feet onto rocky terrain.

The victims sustained serious, non-life-threatening injuries. Due to the severity of the injuries and the terrain, county fire requested the assistance of the Sheriff’s Department Aviation Division to perform a hoist rescue.

The crew of Air Rescue 306 conducted a 130’ hoist rescue of Johnson, conducting an off-site landing and was transported to a local area hospital. Giselbach was also hoisted 130’ into the aircraft and was transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for treatment. There is no information regarding the third victim at this time, information will be updated as it becomes available.

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