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High Tech Changes for Victor Valley Transit Authority

APPLE VALLEY-(  Victor Valley transit has some exciting things that have been introduced to the public recently. The first, is the new updated website at  The website uses a new modern design with state17068352882_72b7f98059_z– of-the-art real-time tracking of bus routes. The easy to navigate website will take the guess-work out of your transit arrival and departure times.

Simply click on your route and see exactly where your bus is. No more guessing means that bus riders will now have more control over their riding experience. Also provided is a new updated trip planner, this planner allows you to choose the time you need to leave or arrive to get route information. 

The second change is a trial of sorts and that is a new digital signage providing on-the-go real-time transit for route 23, 40, 41, 43 and 47. These signs have been put in at the Apple Valley transfer point, which is the Apple Valley Post office. These signs were placed during the month of March and will be in place through May or June when they decide if they are ready to keep the signs long term. At that point, according to VVTA they will be placing over 70 additional signs to their service area.

S & A Systems Inc.,  the Rockwall, Texas manufacturer of FLEETWATCH products and services has offered a free short-term trial to show VVTA how their signs can work for them. According S & A Systems Inc the signs use cloud-based technology and the power consumption is low being that they run off of solar power. The initial cost is low making it a viable option for VVTA to use at their major transfer points.

FLEETWATCH currently has contracts with transit companies in Orange County, Norwalk and several out-of-state companies.

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