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Hesperia Woman Uses Social Media to Help Find Father

HESPERIA:( A 34-year-old mother of four has turned to social media in hopes of learning more about her lineage. Meghan Dochniak, a Hesperia, California resident has always felt like something was missing in her life. Meghan’s mother has not been able to provide very much information to assist her in her search, therefore she is utilizing Facebook to help locate the birth father she never met.

Meghan’s daughter, Stevie Lorraine Denmark, posted the following message to VVNG, “My mom has lived 34 years without knowing or even knowing what her father looks like (even a picture). Spending every Fathers Day wondering where her father is. Please Share and help my mom find the father she has never seen!”

The only information known by Meghan about her father at this time is his name is Dennis Kontz and that he lived in Arizona. Dennis Dean Kontz worked as a General Contractor from 1979-1980 and paid court ordered child support for 18-years.

In the picture posted Meghan is holding a sign that reads; “It’s Father’s Day and I’ve never seen my father! His name is Dennis Kontz. My name is Meghan Dochniak I was born 3/26/1980 in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Please share till I find him.”

Meghan expressed that she just wants to find what seems to be like a missing puzzle piece in her life. “I always felt alone in this world like no one else felt like me” said Meghan. “I don’t want any more from him other than a picture to see what my other half looks like and so that he knows he has 4 beautiful grandkids,”she added.

If you have any information, please contact Meghan Dochniak by email at

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