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UPDATE: Hesperia Unified School District Warns Parents of Suspicious Activity

HESPERIA-(  In a telephone announcement to parents on Wednesday evening, Hesperia Unified School District Assistant Superintendent, David Olney warned parents of suspicious activity. The activity took place in the past 24 hours, Olney said.

Both incidents are reporting an unidentified man in a vehicle stopping to speak with students. One report indicated the man was in a white 4-door sedan on the west side of Hesperia and the other was on the east side of Hesperia in a Chevy Astrovan.

School officials said that although no crime has been committed, they would like to make parents aware of these incidents.

Assistant Superintendent Olney told Victor Valley News that the white sedan was seen around Live Oak and Balsam and the Van was near Pico and Buckthorn. “Of course, anyone in a vehicle is bound to drive around so it’s important that our community is aware regardless of the location,” Olney added.

They ask that parents and guardians remind their students to not approach an unknown vehicle or talk to strangers. “As always we wanna work together for the protection and safety of our students,” added Olney. 

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