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Hesperia School Placed on A Brief Lockdown Friday Morning

HESPERIA-(VVNG.com):  The Krystal School of Science, Math and Technology located at 17160 Krystal Drive was placed on lockdown on Friday morning at about 9:00 a.m. after a report with a man with a gun was made.

The report indicated that the man was holding someone at gunpoint in the area of Farmdale and Glider Avenue which lead school officials to place the school on a temporary lockdown as a precaution.

Hesperia Unified School District Assistant Superintendent David Olney said the lockdown was only for about 10 minutes until deputies were able to determine the circumstances surrounding the report. According to Hesperia Station officials the man with a gun was an out-of-uniform officer that was conducting a traffic stop when the person became uncooperative.

Olney said that the school did everything only as a precaution and everything went smoothly. The reason for the traffic stop is unknown at this time and it is unknown if any arrest was made.

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