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Hesperia Police Issue 194 Citations for Cellphone Use While Driving

HESPERIA, Calif:( Hesperia Sheriff’s Station’s Traffic Division conducted Distracted Driving Enforcement throughout the city for the past two weeks. This is part of an ongoing enforcement in the City of Hesperia where undercover units are being used to spot people using their cell phones.

Nationwide efforts to educate the public about drinking and driving has slowly driven down the number of DUI deaths over the years. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the amount of injuries or deaths related to distracted driving is increasing at alarming rates. Cell phone usage, texting or not using hands free devices, appears to be one of the top contributors. In 2014, there were 3,179 deaths and 431,000 injury collisions associated with distracted driving in the United States.

Put away or turn off the distractions. There are several phone applications that can assist you with not using your phone while driving and help you arrive alive. With just a click of a button before you start to drive some applications will respond to your incoming text and cell calls with a message saying you are driving and will get back to them. Others will automatically enter this mode when your vehicle hits a certain MPH. Remember that distracted driving/cell phone laws still apply while stopped at stop signs and stop lights.

During the course of the Hesperia Distracted Driving Enforcement, deputies wrote a total of 194 tickets to distracted drivers/drivers using cellular devices illegally. Through enforcement efforts like these, we hope to educate our citizens on the dangers of driving distracted and lower the amount of traffic collisions in our city. Please drive responsibly, don’t drive distracted.

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