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Hesperia Home Delivery Theft Suspects Caught on Tape

HESPERIA:( A Hesperia resident noticed that a package was stolen from his front porch on Monday September 8th at 3:05 p.m. The theft occurred near Bangor Avenue and Joshua Street. This was not the first theft of a package from this residence, there were two times prior, once in December and once in February leading the homeowner to purchase a home security camera.

According to my home security video, it looks like she follows the mail man, then pulls up to my house through my driveway, then her male accomplice jumps out of the car, grabbed my package and then they take off. My cameras didn’t get a picture of the male,” commented Reuben Rivas on a Victor Valley News Post.

The package purchased from had an approximate $40 value was delivered to the porch area of the home by the US Postal Service. The resident got an email updating the package as delivered, but since the item was not received due to the theft he will likely have to file a claim for reimbursement.

Any information leading to the individuals responsible for this theft would be appreciated by the homeowner.

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