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Hesperia Extends Temporary Ban on Dollar Stores

HESPERIA, Calif. ( – In a unanimous decision, the City of Hesperia City Council has recently passed an Urgency Ordinance to extend a moratorium on the establishment and expansion of single price overstock/discount stores (SPODS), such as Dollar General and Dollar Tree, within the city limits.

The ordinance comes in response to growing concerns over the stores’ negative effects on local communities.

The original moratorium, passed on February 6, 2024, was set for a 45-day duration. The City Council has extended this to ten months and fifteen days, invoking California Government Code Section 65858, which allows for interim zoning ordinances to be passed for the protection of public safety, health, and welfare.

According to the staff report, SPODS are often less than 15,000 square feet in size and mainly sell items in the low to very low price range.

These stores tend to provide a smaller selection of fresh foods, items that cost much more per ounce over time, and are perceived to have adverse effects on public welfare, including diminished quality-of-life and economic prospects for neighborhoods where they proliferate.

“SPODS contribute to resident fear of safety by being a source of trash, loitering, or graffiti, and theft in and around them due to their lack of security,” a Hesperia staff report stated.

Moreover, the staff report indicated that the majority of these stores are concentrated along Main Street. “Out of the 17 locations, 13 are along Main Street, with a significant clustering between the 15 freeway and I Avenue,” the report noted, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive study to determine appropriate regulations.

Further expansion of SPODS, without further regulation, could have adverse impacts on the community, stated Nathan R. Freeman, Hesperia’s Director of Development Services.

Amid these discussions, a YouTube documentary titled “What Dollar General Doesn’t Want You To Know” has garnered attention by revealing allegations against a particular chain of discount stores.

The video accuses Dollar General of deceptive pricing practices that take advantage of low-income consumers. While the documentary is not directly linked to the City of Hesperia’s ordinance, it adds to the wider narrative regarding the scrutiny of such discount stores.

The City of Hesperia is now set to conduct a thorough review of land use definitions pertaining to SPODS, and evaluate the overall suitability of these stores in different land use districts.

The goal is to curtail the undue concentration of such businesses and maintain the security of the community and for the general welfare of its residents.

Below is a list of the seventeen (17) single price overstock discount stores currently within the City:

1 Dollar Tree Main St/ 8th Ave

2 Family Dollar Main St / Hickory Ave

3 Dollar Tree Main St / I Ave

4 Dollar Tree Main St / Escondido Ave

5 Button’s Discount Store Main St/G Ave

6 99 Cents Only Main St / G Ave

7 99 Cents Only Main St / Topaz Ave.

8 Dollar General I Avenue/Danbury Ave

9 M&M $.99+ Store Main St / 11th Ave

10 760 Discount Tools Hesperia Rd/Mesa St

11 Elite Tools and More Main St/Eighth Ave

12 Second Time Around Bin Store Hesperia Rd/Sequoia St

13 High Desert Thunder Deals Main St/Eighth Ave

14 99 Cent Discount Store Main St/C Ave

15 99 Cent and Plus Bear Valley Rd/Hesperia Rd


16 H&R Discount Main St/8th Ave

17 Cash Deal and More Main St/7th Ave

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