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Hesperia City Council Approves Homeland Security Grant for Advanced ALPR Patrol Vehicle

HESPERIA, Calif. ( – The Hesperia City Council has authorized an upgrade to the city’s law enforcement capabilities by approving the purchase of a cutting-edge Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) system. This move came after a recent city council meeting where council members gave the green light for the city manager to execute a purchase agreement totaling $34,840 with Vigilant Solutions.

The acquisition is supported by Homeland Security Grant (HSG) funds, which had been increased in January 2024, to ensure the city’s law enforcement is equipped with state-of-the-art tools to enhance public safety.

Aiding Law Enforcement with ALPR Technology

Initially awarded $23,730 from the Homeland Security Grant, the City of Hesperia was notified of an additional allocation of $10,201 in January 2024, bringing the total grant to $33,931. The purchase of the ALPR unit, equipped with four high-tech cameras, is set for one of the city’s sheriff patrol vehicles.

The system’s capabilities extend beyond just capturing license plate numbers—it can also document the color, make, model, and even existing damage to a passing vehicle. This information aids law enforcement officers in two primary ways: facilitating post-crime investigations and enabling a real-time alert system. The latter compares recorded plates to various state law enforcement databases, flagging any associations with stolen vehicles, AMBER alerts, or missing persons cases.

Financial Implications and Budget Adjustments

The ALPR technology comes with a package deal of $26,440 for the unit itself, along with a five-year warranty at the cost of $8,400, resulting in the grand total of $34,840.

The city council’s decision required amending the FY 2023-24 budget to accommodate the additional grant funds and the overall cost of the system. Consequently, they adopted Resolution No. 2024-07, which increases the Fund 100 Budget by $10,201. The resolution is directly tied to the Homeland Security Grant’s increment, effectively ensuring the ALPR system’s fiscal requisites are met without placing a strain on the city’s finances.

A Unanimous Step Towards Enhanced Security

Hesperia’s City Council unanimously agreed that embracing the ALPR system through Vigilant Solutions would guarantee compatibility with San Bernardino County’s operations. As the sole source provider for the sheriff’s department’s current setup, continuity and functional integration are critical components of this technological advance.


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