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Hesperia Animal Shelter Adoption Rates Soar to an Impressive 95%

HESPERIA, California – The Hesperia Animal Shelter continues to strive to reach new levels of excellence in the care and sheltering of the most vulnerable pets in the community – those that are homeless, unloved, lost and injured.

Hesperia Animal Shelter is proud to announce that its live-release rate for dogs is now at an impressive 95%.

This is a dramatic and hard-earned improvement that is the result of years of intensive work to reimagine how best to care for homeless pets. Just four years ago, the live-release rate for dogs was 38%.

To achieve this staggering advancement required significant support by Hesperia City Council and management, productive partnerships with regional rescue groups and animal care advocates, and the reaffirmed commitment by Shelter staff to provide love and care for the neediest pets in the community.

“Hesperia residents continue to show an abundance of love for the pets at the Hesperia Animal Shelter,” said Hesperia Mayor Larry Bird. “Caring for the vulnerable pets in our community is an important priority. We are so thankful to all those that have partnered with us to help us succeed.” 

For their part, Hesperia residents have continued to rally around the Hesperia Animal Shelter to support operations in a variety of ways.

Over the past few years, this support has included the donation of supplies like blankets, toys and other supplies for pets, the support of the Shelter’s inaugural Pet Thanksgiving Meal, and through the donation of funds to support expansion of the outdoor recreation area and sponsorship of special programs such as low-cost pet adoption events. Additionally, businesses across the region have generously donated supplies while teachers and students have thoughtfully organized supply drives to show their commitment to sharing love and kindness with pets waiting for adoptive families. 

Over the past few years, Shelter staff has shown extraordinary enthusiasm and commitment to going above-and-beyond each day to build a dynamic shelter that prioritizes both the care and love of animals and superior customer service. “The City is so proud of the staff at the Hesperia Animal Shelter,” said City Manager Nils Bentsen. “Staff’s efforts are impacting lives and enriching the community. Their hard-work is admirable and appreciated.”

The Hesperia Animal Shelter appreciates the kindness and generosity expressed by the community. There is an ongoing need for support of Shelter programs. For more information on how to support the Hesperia Animal Shelter, visit

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