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Help Solve Local Cold-Case

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Can Social Media Help Solve This Cold-Cases?

On 02/16/1989 at 3:04 a.m., two black males entered the Circle K Market on Bear Valley Road in Hesperia and  murdered a woman working at the location.

Esperanza Poindexter, age 26 year old female, was working as a cashier in the early morning hours when suspect #1 (featured in the image) picked up some merchandise and walked to the cash register while Suspect #2 acted as a look-out.

Suspect #1 brandished a handgun and ordered Esperanza to empty out the register. When Esperanza opened the register there was a very small amount of cash.

Suspect #1 became upset with the minimal amount of cash and shot Esperanza to death. Both suspects fled the store on foot leaving the cash behind.

A citizen witnessed the robbery and gave chase. Suspect #1 shot twice at the citizen causing him to stop.

Both suspects were never located or identified and only suspect #1 was featured on surveillance. (H# 1989-013)

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After 24 years this murder has yet to be solved and has turned into a local cold-case.  A cold case is a crime, usually violent, that was never solved and which the police are no longer actively investigating.

With the public’s help and the assistance of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, justice may be one step closer with each “share”.



Sheriff Homicide Detail (909) 387-3589 or

WE TIP 1-800-78-CRIME (Anonymous)
H# 1989-013 for Everything Victor Valley

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