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Help Save Miss Shepard

Victor Valley News, let me introduce you to Miss Shepard. This sweet girl is safe, and yet NOT safe at the same time. Thankfully she was rescued by Pauline Young from Apple Valley.

(UPDATE 8/20/13 @1:40 pm.)miss

Update: thanks to all of your kind and generous donations, Miss Shepard is able to have her blood work and X-ray done today. She has a long road ahead but with all of us helping she has a chance. Thank you and please keep sharing. She needs more treatments and most likely surgery. Thank you- God Bless all who have helped and all who will.






Miss Shepard is currently on an IV with antibiotics and pain medication and in need of funds to perform an X-rayshepard to access the damage and blood work. Her progress will stay at a stand still until more funds are provided for her. The x-ray is $120 and Pauline is hoping that will be donated this morning by friends. Pauline tells us Miss Shepard does not have time on her side.

Fortunately this wasn’t Pauline’s first time rescuing a dog she explained,

“I have 5 rescued dogs of my own and 5 horses who are rescues also. I have rehabilitated all of them with problems such as starvation, abuse and abandonment. The horses I ride were all at one time labeled dangerous and set for death. It’s the same with my dogs. I love to prove society wrong about throwing away animals and have placed many dogs in homes with loving families.”


This is the story as it was shared by Pauline via her fb page:  

Ok, this has happened to me before and now I know that God really must send them to me. As I was eating lunch this afternoon my dogs started barking like a guest was outside. I go outside to find this beautiful Shepard sitting by my gate as if it were her last chance to find help. She is very thin, tired and looks like she’s been on the road for days. She is now resting in my garage with the swap cooler, plenty of food and cold water. She’s a sweetheart and considering where I live she probably wouldn’t have made it another night on her own. So please help me help her and keep her in mind if anyone is looking for a new family member. I have and will keep looking for her owners over the next few days. But you all know how that goes.
So the Shepard isn’t doing so well this morning. Getting ready to take her to a vet my friend Melissa Dorris- George works for. Please say a prayer for her. It’s so hard to see an animal in this condition. Keep you updated.
So Miss Shepard is not chipped. She tests negative for pravo but does have some infection going on. She needs to stay at the hospital on an IV for at least 24 hours. Her bill so far is $300 to $500. I will update when Melissa updates me later this afternoon. Pray for Miss Shepard and me. Haha
I’m so sorry to have to post this but they found a bullet hole in Miss Shepard. I really don’t want to bum you guys out but it just shows what a cruel and pathetic world we live in. How can humans be so disgusting! It’s too soon to know what her outcome will be but I promise I will not let her suffer any more. Please keep praying I do believe in miracles.

Right now the focus is on taking care of Miss Shepard. Today the vet sadly has informed Pauline that if no funds are collected for Miss Shepard’s treatment they will have to put her down. This is the sad truth that her life is hanging on the line. If everyone pitched in we truly could help a animal in need.

Thank you Pauline, for stepping up to rescue this poor abused dog.

Now we need the communities assistance to help with Miss Shepard’s vet bills, for those who are able to help her with her fight, it’s asked that people wanting to help to phone Desert Care Animal Hospital, phone number is 760-949-7387. She is listed under “Rescue Young” for her name.

Thank you Victor Valley News!



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