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Help Fight Childhood Cancer

Together we can help make a difference for all children fighting cancer.

Photo: Screenshot from The Truth 365 video.
Photo: Screenshot from The Truth 365 video.

To accomplish this goal, The Truth 365 has produced an 8-minute condensed version of its Emmy Award-winning documentary. The purpose of this film is to get our elected leaders to follow up on their recent statements that childhood cancer research is a “national priority.”

The general public is unaware that there is a childhood cancer funding crisis. Our elected leaders are not too concerned about it because there is no public outcry. Our goal is to educate the public and motivate our leaders in Washington to take a stand for these kids.

During the government shutdown, politicians from both parties ran to the microphones to claim that children with cancer were a “national priority.”

Our recent video addresses this very issue and makes the case for more federal funding. Children are a national priority! Please watch and share! Here is a link to the film:

If you have not done this already, please read and sign the petition on our site at Also, please share it on your FB wall. Anyone of any age from any country can sign the petition. When posting on Twitter, please use the hashtag #thetruth365film

This is not a passive petition that will just sit on our website and collect digital dust. We intend to hold a rally in Washington DC in 2014 to demand action on the petition. We will march from the Capitol to the White House and hand-deliver the signatures to our elected leaders. If we can get 1 million signatures we have someone very high up in the executive branch who has promised to give them to the President himself. We will have more details about this in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your support of The Truth 365 and the concept of One Voice against childhood cancer.

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