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Heavy Rain Fall Leads to Multiple Accidents in Cajon Pass

CAJON PASS: Rainy weather and a high wind advisory is making the Friday commute through the Cajon Pass a dreadful one. Traffic is bumper to bumper in both directions due to traffic collisions.

(Photo by Kas Noel)
(Photo by Kas Noel)

A multi vehicle traffic collision prompted a SIG ALERT to be issued for approximately two-hours. The collision was reported on the southbound 15 freeway at 4:17 am and state route 138. For unknown reasons three compact vehicles collided and blocked the #1 and #2 lanes. According to CHP incident logs, a four-door vehicle collided into the back of a semi and the driver attempted to swerve around and hit the center divider. The semi did not stop and left the scene. A BOLO for the semi described as a “King Farm Trucking” truck license plate # TF6778 was issued, per CHP.

A second collision was reported on the northbound 15 freeway and state route 138 that occurred at 7:10 am.

A Third collision was reported in the #1 lane at 7:11 am on the southbound side of the 15 just north of the escape ramp involving a red Ford Fusion and a green Honda Accord, according to CHP incident logs.

If you are planning on heading up the 138 towards Wrightwood we’ve received information that Lone Pine Canyon Road is closed in both directions due to several mud slides. Two cars are reported to be stuck in the mud.

We would like to issue a friendly reminder for all commuters. Be sure to not only allow extra time to arrive to a destination but be patient. Give yourself plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you. And even more importantly slow down. The roadways are extra slippery due to the heavy rain fall.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.


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