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Heads-up: Water-Well in Hesperia to be Flushed

HESPERIA:(VVNG.com)- Residents living in the area of Maple Avenue and Ranchero Road are being advised of an upcoming water-well flush that will send run-off water in the surrounding areas. The Hesperia Water District completed repairs to the water-well and in order to bring the well back into service it must be flushed and a bacteriological sample must be taken.

This will ensure that water quality standards are maintained, which is paramount.

In a recent email Public Information Officer Rachel Molina said, Flushing of the well will take place on December 9, December 10 and, if necessary, December 14. As a result of this process, water will be released onto the ground and is expected to run-off in surrounding areas. The process will begin at 8am each morning and will conclude by 2pm each afternoon.

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