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Heads Up: New Crossover Lane Configuration in Cajon Pass

CAJON PASS-( On Friday, May 1st construction crews will reconfigure the crossover lanes on the I-15 for the Cajon Pass Paving Project. Construction crews will be doing pavement work on the northbound lanes between SR-138 and Kenwood Avenue.

To complete this work, there will be a new five-mile crossover lane configuration in both directions of the I-15. These lanes will be from 2.5 miles north of Kenwood ave to 1.5 miles north of SR-138.

During your morning commute four lanes will travel southbound and three lanes will do northbound. In the afternoon commute four lanes will travel northbound and three lanes will go southbound. Northbound motorists should be aware that they will not be able to access SR-138 from the crossover lanes. Trucks, buses and recreational vehicles should also stay on the mainline, to the right to avoid the crossover lanes. Crossover lanes do not have the emergency shoulder.

Caltrans is asking drivers to watch their speed as the 60 mile per hour speed limit in the work zone will be strictly enforced.

The $120 million project will be replacing the deteriorated concrete slabs on the I-15 between Kenwood ave and Route 395. This project is expected to extend the life of the pavement to up to 60 years with minimal maintenance. The crossover lanes are expected to be in use until late June 2015.

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