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Have You Seen This Man? Police Search For Jose Lauro

Missing Person : Jose Lauro
Missing Person : Jose Lauro

UPDATE: 12/4 @ 4:30pm – Great news Joey Lauro has been safely located. Thank you everyone for helping to share the flyer and keep an eye out for Joey.


The search for a reported missing man continues, after several days of searching have turned up no leads. Victor Valley News Group member Christina Elizabeth continues to use social media to spread the word about her missing brother and asking the public to please be on the look out.

“My brother Jose aka as Joey Lauro has gone missing. He is a solider of the United State Army and is 21 years old. He was headed home to Phoenix, Arizona for the holidays via Greyhound Bus on November 30, 2013. We have an itinerary from Greyhound showing that a ticket was bought in Joeys’ name but was misspelled “Joey Leuro”. However, he never arrived to Phoenix on his scheduled day and we have not able to confirm with Greyhound that he was a passenger on the bus. We have not heard from Joey since his departure and we have tried contacting him on his cellular phone but it goes straight to voicemail and no returned calls have been made.

We received a phone call from a “friend” asking if Joey had arrived to Phoenix. This phone call set off the beginning of our search for Joey. A “friend” said she dropped Joey off at the bus station and saw him get on the bus. We can not confirm this with Greyhound. We are still waiting for Junction City Police Department in Kansas to follow through on our request to investigate this with Greyhound Bus Station. Junction City Police has been aware of his disappearance since Monday, Dec. 2, 2103 and still have not contacted the family with any information. We have contacted the hospitals and jails of all the cities that were on the itinerary and have come up with no leads or information. We are trying to enlist the help of the Military Police but have had no luck. Joeys’ parents reside in Abu Dhabi and are on their way home to the States to find their Son. You may contact his sister Christina Reveles at 714-380-9079.”

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