Happy 70th Birthday to Smokey

smokeyTurning 70 is a milestone for anyone, but add a national icon that has stood the test of time and you get SMOKEY. We have all grown up with the words of Smokey saying “Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires”. He is still at it, however the message is now “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires”, and his image is a little more warm and fuzzy.

As we progress into a year round fire danger, Smokey has to keep current. Such was the image when he asked us to “Get Your Smokey On!”, or all of the warm hugs when WE help prevent wildfires. Smokey knows he needs to reach a large audience, and as residents of the largest County in the Continental US, we as San Bernardino County residents can make a huge impact. Make it a point to make YOUR home safe inside and out.

Wildfires do not just impact people living in the forest. It harms all of us. So, we all need to be aware of the dangers of wildfires. A statewide campaign called “Ready, Set, Go” (RSG) teaches everyone in the community that we can all take steps to make sure our homes are safe. San Bernardino County Fire has information from an action plan, checklist, fact sheets, and videos for homeowners to view at our website: under

San Bernardino County Fire personnel will be wishing Smokey a Happy Birthday on August 9th, and we hope YOU will as well. Let’s all give Smokey the best birthday present ever by keeping his 5 rules!

Smokey’s 5 rules for fire prevention are:

1. Only you can prevent wildfires.
2. Always be careful with fire.
3. Never play with matches and lighters.
4. Always watch your campfire.
5. Make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving it.

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