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Gus Franklin JR. S.T.E.M Academy Dedication

ADELANTO:(August, 19 2014)— Local educators, community leaders, parents and students will gather this Thursday evening for the dedication of Gus Franklin Jr. S.T.E.M Academy, Adelanto Elementary School District’s (AESD) newest school.

The event, hosted by Principal Mina Blazy, will include the presence of AESD Superintendent Dr. Edwin Gomez as well as the Board of Trustees.

Gus Franklin, Jr. S.T.E.M Academy is a place where students will have experience in hands-on activities with the integration of English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. “We want students to have a love for learning and experience skills that will make them successful in middle and high school,” said Blazy.

Dr. Gomez explained that AESD’s goal with this new academy is to continue its commitment to the highest quality of education. “Students at this new academy will be challenged to employ critical thinking methods to work in a team environment. We will work together in understanding the S.T.E.M Curriculum and move to understand how to implement the Common Core State Standards effectively. We will work together to have a joint school vision and mission that is student focused and meets the needs of all stakeholders.”

Blazy noted that inclusiveness is a core value of Gus Franklin Jr. Academy.

We are an inclusive school with a focus in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) education. As a school we encourage our parents to be part of the school community. Our goal is to accelerate student learning using technology and 21st century learning strategies.”

The dedication of the school is Thursday, August 21, 2014 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.

Core values for Gus Franklin Jr. S.T.E.M Academy:

  • Students will have the desire to learn.
  • Parents will participate by being a positive role model
• Parents will be actively involved.
  • Parents will empower students to develop positive values, students will develop the Six Pillars of character.
  • As a school we will plan together for a better future for our children.

The Gus Franklin Jr. S.T.E.M Academy campus is located at 13125 Hopland St., Victorville, CA 92394. 760-246-8691 x22150

(Source: Adelanto Elementary School District)

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