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Give Yourself the Gift of a Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) this Holiday

CALIFORNIA ( — Before embarking on your holiday travels, make sure to take advantage of the latest offering from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) – the California DMV Wallet/Mobile Driver’s License (mDL).

This innovative program provides a quick and secure way to verify your identity at select airports, eliminating the need to hand over your physical driver’s license or phone. Since its expanded pilot program launch in August, more than 300,000 Californians have already downloaded the mDL.

Exciting news for frequent flyers with TSA PreCheck status! The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced that they now accept the California mDL at United Airlines security checkpoints in major Californian airports, including Los Angeles (LAX) and San Francisco (SFO) international airports. Additionally, San Jose International Airport (SJC) and 25 airports nationwide have also embraced the convenience of the mDL. Passengers simply need to present their mDL to TSA, scan the QR code, and proceed through the security screening process.

To facilitate easy access, the California DMV has developed the CA DMV Wallet App, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. To get started, users are required to access or create a “MyDMV” account at Through the app, users can authenticate themselves using the camera on their smartphones and link it to their valid California driver’s license or identification card. The CA DMV Wallet App is available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play.

It is important to note that the CA DMV Wallet/mDL pilot program is currently voluntary and limited to 1.5 million participants. While the mDL does not replace the physical driver’s license or state-issued identification card, it offers Californians a convenient alternative for identity verification while giving them greater control over their personal information. Participants are still required to carry their physical cards, but the acceptance and usage of the mDL are expected to expand in the future. The DMV is actively collaborating with various organizations to encourage broader acceptance of the mDL.

Age Verification Enhancement: You can also use your mDL to buy age-restricted products, like beer and wine, at select locations in Sacramento and Los Angeles once you activate the TruAge capability in your CA DMV Wallet. Simply share your TruAge QR code at the checkout counter, while protecting your privacy.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to simplify your travel experiences. Join the mDL pilot program today and enjoy the benefits of this cutting-edge technology from the California DMV.

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