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Gas thieves drilling holes into tanks of parked vehicles throughout the Victor Valley



VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( – A wave of thefts has hit several neighborhoods across the Victor Valley with thieves stealing gasoline by drilling holes into gas tanks of parked vehicles.

Residents posted in the Victor Valley News group incidents of this happening in Victorville, Apple Valley and Hesperia.

The thefts are taking place at night. Some of the victims did not realize that someone had drilled into their gas tanks until refueling at a gas station.

“Heads up to residents around Mojave Vista Park, someone drilled my gas tank last night (August 5) around 2:54 A.M., and appears to have left the majority of it on the ground,” wrote Nathaniel Navarrette.  “My car already had the gas light on before they did this and only saw it when I bought $15 of gas to have it all run out at Food 4 Less.”

This crime not only wreaks financial havoc on the unsuspecting victims but poses a significant danger. Especially now during the hot summer months because gas vapors are more readily combustible with any small spark.

Near Wato and Kalo Roads in Apple Valley, a veteran and single father of three said he was told it would cost $1147 to repair his vehicle’s gas tank on his 2017 Tacoma. Thieves got away with a few gallons of gas from his truck last weekend, as well as his neighbors truck, a 2018 Silverado.

Other repairs to the damaged tanks have ranged between $300-1200.

The incidents have been reported in Victorville on Nisqualli Road near Third Avenue, Luna Road and Mesa Linda Avenue, 6th and Westland Drive and in Hesperia near A Avenue and Donert Street.

No vehicle or suspect information has been provided.

”I have cameras facing my yard, but since it was so dark, it only picked up a silhouette,” stated one of the victims.

If you have information regarding these thefts, please contact the local Sheriff’s Department at (760)956-5001.

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